Muskan Garg

Website and SEO Strategist

The right SEO consultations can make you seen, rank, and valued.

The right SEO consultations can make you seen, rank, and valued.

Don’t ever miss a deal, lose revenue, or fall behind in the competition.

If you’re tired of watching potential buyers pass you by, get SEO consultations that guide, help, and empower you – all while you do it yourself, without the hassle of appointing someone full-time. Turn your website into a magnet for your ideal customers under the right guidance.

Some businesses lack the budget and resources for full-time SEO.

Admit it, your tasks are already bursting at the seams, and there is nothing else you want to take on any more. The thought of SEO adding to your already overflowing pile might be nothing but unfair. Plus, sometimes, you may lack the immediate budget to get someone to do SEO for you.

However, here’s a reality check: Without SEO, you can lose out on visibility, conversions, revenue, traffic, brand deals – and absolutely what not.

But, I have a solution for you.

Get comprehensive, all-inclusive, and precise SEO consultation calls that can amplify your reach without you having to appoint someone to do full-time SEO. 


I will stand by you, guide you, and help you fix areas that need precise improvement – all while you do it yourself!

muskan garg

Ask me anything because all you need is a little guidance to simplify SEO.

This is your chance to ask anything about SEO, no matter how big or small.

In our first 60-minute conversation, throw any question my way, and I’ll help you to find clear, innovative strategies. 

If one call leaves you wanting more, we can set up weekly sessions. 

So, whether it’s your first call or a regular weekly check-in, feel free to ask any question. You know why? Because, no query is too big or too small – and I’m here to provide you with answers that make SEO a lot simpler.

Here’s how my SEO consultation call works.

Are you the right match for this service?

Whether you're running your site or handling clients' websites, these calls are perfect for you. Ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs, freelance web developers, or digital marketers – these sessions cater to those who have control over website content, design, and functionality and want to improve their online presence. Hey, just so you know, I cater to WordPress Site Owners only.
If you prefer managing SEO by yourself without hiring a full-time expert, then these calls are designed for you. You're someone who can make website adjustments independently and wants to keep SEO in-house.
You might already know a bit about SEO but need that extra layer of professional guidance. Through our calls, I'll provide a thorough review of your website, pinpoint areas for improvement, and give you clear, actionable advice on how to multiply your site's SEO.
muskan garg

“You might know everything about SEO, or perhaps you’re starting from scratch. Either way, my role is to enlighten and reveal the strategies that have been hidden just out of sight. Be visible on Google, be discovered by your ideal customers, be an authority in your field. Let me show you the way, while you do the driving.”

Muskan Garg - SEO Strategist

Consultation Form​

Currently, my consultation schedule is fully booked. However, I’m delighted to offer monthly SEO services. Please feel free to reach out for further details. Thank you for your understanding and interest!

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