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SEO Case Study: Right Content Strategy and SEO Efforts Deliver Rapid Results for MenPsyche

seo case study


  • This pertains to the progress of a modern men’s blog website focused on men’s health, lifestyle, relationships, and assistance. 
  • The blog’s SEO efforts started from scratch in September 2022, with the latest update reflecting results as of March 2023. 
  • The website’s domain rating has reached from 0 to 15 in a short span of time
  • It currently ranks its 15 blogs on search engine results pages (SERPs) for the selected keywords. 
  • With some blogs ranking as featured snippets and others garnering 300+ social media shares…. all organically.


SEO Case Study of client called Menpsyche, a website dedicated to addressing men’s issues through content and resources. As an experienced SEO expert, I had the opportunity to work with them, when the founders approached me in July 2022, their website was on Wix, with no marketing efforts or SEO strategies in place. They were only publishing blogs occasionally, and there was no traffic or views whatsoever. The client wrote the blogs themselves.


Our initial emphasis, spanning a period of two months, was on devising the strategy, refurbishing the website, and outlining all aspects related to SEO. The execution of the SEO strategy was initiated in September.

The first step was to understand the website’s purpose and potential competitors, as the motto was to address men’s issues, which were not widely discussed. I analyzed the keywords and topics, as well as the competitors’ strategies. Initially, they were writing blogs without keywords or structure, so I introduced content ideas such as men’s product reviews, helpful resources, and directories of relevant links.

Given the content-heavy nature of the website, I decided to migrate it from Wix to WordPress, which is an ideal platform for blogs. We selected a theme and redesigned the site. As time passed, we decided to overhaul the site again, making it more structured and impressive.

The first task was to identify the relevant keywords that MenPsyche should rank for. I identified clusters of words that were repeatedly mentioned by the client, such as men’s health, help, guide and support. We aimed to provide content that would help men improve their health, lifestyle, and relationships, and provide resources and directories of helpful links. I conducted keyword research to identify long-tail and short-tail keywords that were directly related to the site’s purpose. I analyzed the monthly search volume, competition level, and existing articles ranking on those keywords. I reviewed the content of those articles and decided to create content that was 10 times better.

The next step was to assign the writing task to the client. I shared the reference articles with them, so they knew the standard they needed to surpass. The client writers produced long and valuable blog posts for the selected keywords. I conducted on-page SEO optimization of the blogs, ensuring the technical elements, meta descriptions, and header tags were optimized. Within 3-4 months, Menpsyche started ranking on Google for those keywords.

Obviously, it isn’t as easy as it may sound right now. A lot of other factors were taken care of; that are not easy to describe here.


With the 7 months of continuous efforts, here’s some stats to share-

  1. One of our popular articles “Helpful Resources for Men” started ranking as a featured snippet by google surpassing reputed web pages. That too within 2 months of publishing that article all organically! It has garnered 450+ social shares and bookmarks. Having 1500 unique pageviews and 1700 total pageviews, till date.
  2. “best men’s clothes for long haul flight” – ranking 2nd on Google
  3. “travel bucket list printable” – ranking 4th on Google
  4. “Men Psyche” – ranking 4th
  5. “men’s mental health podcasts spotify” – ranking 3rd
  6. “travel bucket list printable” – ranking 4th
  7. “best male blogs” – ranking on 1st page

The results were amazing, with a 100% increase in traffic within seven months. Menpsyche has over 10,000 views, and the engagement level is good.

Our website traffic comes 100% organically. Mostly from search engines, social media and other referral websites.

The brand awareness of Menpsyche has increased steadily over time. In the initial strategy, we prioritized ranking on top when someone searches for “menpsyche.” The website started ranking for this keyword within three months. We have been doing guest posts on relevant websites since the start, which has also helped to increase brand awareness.

What client has to say


In summary, the success of Menpsyche’s SEO strategy is due to a combination of factors. We started with a thorough understanding of the client’s website and goals. We conducted in-depth keyword research, analyzed the competition, and assigned content writing tasks to the client. The on-page SEO optimization of the blogs ensured that they were technically sound, and the off-page strategy, such as sharing content, helped to increase engagement and brand awareness.

In conclusion, the Menpsyche case study highlights the importance of understanding the client’s needs and goals, conducting thorough research, and implementing a sound SEO strategy. By doing so, we were able to help the client increase traffic, engagement, and brand awareness within a short period.

seo case study of menpsyche